Our Goal~

  It is our goal here at Red Rock to preserve and promote the working horse in its best form. With great minds and conformation, coupled with athletic ability and talent. We aim to also add some class and color to an already wonderful type of horse. We hope to improve all the time the kinds of horses we produce and look forward to the future of some wonderful horses. We hope that future generations of our line is as loved and cherished for all their multiple talents and qualities as the current horses we now own.

We Proudly Present~

           We are so PROUD of our wonderful 2003 AQHA  Dunalino stallion IMPERIAL SATIN SUN! This stallion is producing the WHOLE PACKAGE! Conformation, Disposition, Athletic Ability, Versatility, Pedigree , Class and COLOR! Satin has tested Homozygous for Dun! Guaranteeing he will give duns in every shade on every color mare! Although Satin does not have a show record he is proving to be a stellar sire. His foals all have fabulous minds and the kind of conformation and talent to be competitive in any discipline. Tons of cow and super catty but soft enough to do the work. His foals are selling nationwide and are entering the show rings! Yes you can have it all! 

COLOR CALCULATOR: See what Satin will give you with your MARES!!! List sire as Dunalino and HZ dun, then add your mares color and get your results!

AQHA, FQHA, NFQHA ,ApHC and APHA Breeders.

We are a small farm breeder of AQHA, FQHA ,NFQHA,ApHC and APHA performance and working horse lines. We concentrate on quality not quantity, and may only produce 2 or 3 quality foals a year. Focusing on horses with a great mind, beautiful sound conformation, athletic ability and versatility! Oh and color to boot! Specializing in Dun, Dunalino, Dunskin, and Grulla!  We try and stay true to the honest working and using horse type for all disciplines. It is our dream to produce beautiful and usable horses. Pretty is as pretty does! All of our horse are loved and treated as family. Although we are running a business our horses are so much more to us. A lot of thought and care goes into their well being from mind, body and spirit. Our foals are handled from birth and never get to behave spoiled or bratty. Love does not mean we allow for disrespect. When our foals are ready for their new homes we have already spent many hours on basic manners and training. They will all have had baths, clipped, trimmed, tied and have basic ground work done. We don't push our babies, but try and give them every opportunity to find forever homes with people who will love and use them. We do not want to sell or produce a disposable horse. With the horse market in the state that it is we try very hard to be responsible in our production, and try to only produce a horse whose qualities will insure a long and happy life for them and their owners.


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Why not have it all?  There is still that kind of                     horse out there,                                 Quality, Class and Color!

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  • "I would highly recommend any one to Red Rock Performance Horses weather you want to breed your own beautiful mare or buy one of their amazing Satin babies. Angie Rockwell is one..."
    Andrea Mutch
    Tigger and Dolly's mama
  • "After our mare?s false pregnancy, we chose to buy the baby out of Sierra, Angie?s Arabian mare, but she also lost her foal early in the pregnancy. Instead of telling me I was S...."
    Andrea Mutch
    Tigger and Dolly's mama