We are a small farm, family run, breeder of AQHA, NFQHA, FQHA and APHA horses. We are dedicated to producing a quality performance and working bred horse of color. We stand only one quality stallion and have a small and diverse, wonderful broodmare band. It is a very special thing for us to have our horses, they are a blessing. We make an effort to provide others with a desire for the horse that can do it all, a chance to own some of these great animals.. These are the kinds of horses WE love. Smart and kind, with a tons of athletic ability and talent, sound and beautiful conformations, tried and true pedigrees and oh yeah..... they are beautiful too! What more could anyone ask for? I believe that our stallions sire, CONTINENTAL CAD is a wonderful sire with over 250 registered foals on the ground, that are so consistent in conformation, disposition and talent. And we will be trying to perpetuate his line and also adding some other traits we find to be excellent thru our mares. Our hope is to have our "Satin" become as wonderful of sire as his is! So far he has not disappointed!


This is a picture of our sweet and wonderful stallion,  IMPERIAL SATIN SUN as a three year old in the yard with his girls. And yes he thinks they belong to him! Never have we owned such a special animal that is so TRULY part of the family! There are sometimes those "once in a life time" connections that make everything in your world change course. Thats what this stallion has done for our family! He is very unique and everything we could have ever dreamed of!

Be a part of our foals from their 1st days! Watch our foal be born LIVE!!!!