AQHA #4398596, PHBA #85779  and 93.75% FQHA certified #24600,  and NFQHA eligable,  APHA approved breeding sire # Q4398596 ApHC approved breeding sire # AQ4398596







2003 Dunalino stallion.

Although "Satin" has never been shown, it is not due to any lack on his part of talent, potential or ability. He wasnt shown due to owners' health and lack of desire to be in a show ring. However, we have complete confidence that had he entered any show ring or performance arena he would have excelled in any discipline. Here at Red Rock we try and see a horse for their merits and natural appeal. A GOOD horse is a GOOD horse withstanding RIBBONS and TITLES. And  "Pretty is as pretty does". And we feel that the most accomplished stallion in the arena isnt always the ONLY way to decide if they are a "QUALITY" stallion prospect. Shows aside, genetically he will throw the same foals with or without a ribbon telling him he is quality.The proof is in the foals! Now thats not to say we went willy nilly and just decided to stand our wonderful stallion on a pretty face alone! Oh no, he was purchased as a weanling from a very reputable AQHA breeder and was never bought with the sole intention on standing him. But as he developed and NEVER put a hoof wrong we started to see alot of potential in him. He was a DREAM to train an handle and was always the "Go To" horse. Our young daughters started riding him as a 3 year old and we never worried about him with them. He could be left for months and got on cold and you would never know it. He was soft and willing, with a huge heart and very funny personality. We took a lot of time deciding whether to breed this stallion but he just kept getting better and better, so we bred him at home first. And we got WONDERFUL foals by him. They are the whole package. Everything we were looking for in horses we like to use and ride ourselves. Smart, willing, athletic and quick, laid back and yes BEAUTIFUL! So now we are offering him to the public. Although to limited mares, so that this fabulous perfect package horse (At least in our opinion !) May pass on his wonderful traits to his foals, in that we hope that horse owners get to experience what we have for the last 10 years with this awesome guy. Make no mistake tho he has all the foundation in the world to create champions! His pedigree offers World and National Performance and Halter Champions, on top and bottom of his pedigree! Also many AQHA Hall of Fame inductees to his credit in this line. If you are looking for a horse that you can play in the mud with, go cut a cow the next day on, then give them a bath and win in a show ring, the following day, and let the kids ride in the yard, this horse will give you that. I personally have been around horses for 39 years and have never encountered a horse with such raw potential, talent and appeal. He is our "Once in a Life Time" horse.  And now you have a chance to own a piece of our magic!

Photos from 2015~




Satin as a 2 year old and during a growing stage.


Satin as a 3 year old and looking very correct and promising.


Satin as a 4 year old and showing his class.


Imperial Satin Sun~ genetic test results


Where quality isnt the exception its the "RULE"!